The 20 most expensive silver dollars in 2021

The 20 most expensive silver dollars in 2021

The silver dollar market in 2021 can be described as crazy, whether it is a currency market or an auction market, it has reached an unprecedented height. The reason, on the one hand, is because of the influx of hot money, under the capital speculation silver dollar has already had financial attributes, on the other hand, it is naturally the rating company led by PCGS, which began to “popularize”, coupled with the promotion of new media, the player’s basic market expanded sharply, resulting in the phenomenon that today’s silver dollar is “expensive”.

Looking back at the silver dollar “Dazhen” that was previously respected by players, everyone’s imagination has never been so “lacking”, because in the past, people only dared to think at the million level at most, but they did not expect that now they have broken 20 million! The rich are really still willful…

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