MasterPiece Art Center was grandly opened

MasterPiece Art Center was grandly opened

On 9 August 2023, the CMNSS officially opened at 88 Club Street on Singapore’s National Day, a nationally celebrated holiday. Mr. Eugene Xiao, CEO of CMNSS, Mr. Willion Wu, CEO of MasterPiece Art Centre, Mr. Caleb Kelvin, Director of Singapore Numismatic Museum, Mr. Leung Chun Hong, President of Singapore Art Association, Mr. Fabien, President of Fetchbook Asia Pacific, Mr. Datuk Seri Fan Li Chu, JP and other important guests and representatives of well-known institutions in the industry attended the opening ceremony to participate in the grand event with many art collectors on site. Witness the iconic moment of the museum’s opening.

Guests cut the ribbon

From left to right, Datuk Seri Pham Lee Tong JP,

Mr Calab Kellvin, Director of the Singapore Numismatic Museum,

Mr. Willion Wu, CEO of Master Art Center,

Mr. Eugene Xiao, CEO of CMNSS Group,

Mr. Leung Chun Kung, President of the Singapore Art Association,

Mr. Fabien, President, Fetchbook Asia Pacific,


Group photo of the guests at the scene
  At eleven o’clock in the morning, the master of the best Singapore Numismatic Museum officially opened to the world, CMNSS Group CEO Eugene Xiao first made an opening speech, today’s opening of the Singapore Numismatic Museum is a new milestone, marking the development of the group will move to a new stage, we uphold the concept of inheritance and innovation, will create an innovative platform integrating exhibition, education, research and cultural exchange, hoping to let more people feel the brilliance of human wisdom and creativity, and promote cultural exchanges between countries. At the same time, I would also like to extend my sincere welcome and heartfelt thanks to all the guests, cooperative institutions and representatives from all walks of life!

CMNSS Group CEO Eugene Xiao delivered a thank you speech

  Later, Willion Wu, CEO of the Masters Art Center, spoke enthusiastically, saying that the Numismatic Museum is a window to display the charm of history and culture, and the museum’s choice to open on National Day is the most noble tribute and gift to the National Day. Founded in 1927, the Golden Gate Museum in San Francisco, USA, is a world-renowned institution that provides private collection management services for local high-net-worth individuals or families in the United States. The Masters Art Center has attracted much attention in the industry, integrating three halls: museum, art gallery and life memorial hall.

Willion Wu, CEO of MasterPiece Art Center, delivered a speech of thanks

  With the opening of the Singapore Numismatic Museum, we will actively launch a cultural exchange activity with the Singapore Art Association, inviting experts, scholars, numismatic collectors and investors from all over the world to participate and explore the history and culture behind coins. Through such in-depth exchanges and wide publicity, we hope to contribute to a deeper understanding of numismatic culture.

Mr. Leung Chun Kung, President of the Singapore Art Association, delivered a speech at the scene

Immediately afterwards, Mr. Leung Chun Kung, President of the Singapore Art Association, said in his speech that the Master Numismatic Museum is located in Singapore, which is a major event in the Singapore collecting industry! The Master Numismatic Museum is a culturally rich museum that will boost the collecting industry in Singapore. In the future, the Singapore Art Federation will cooperate with the Masters Numismatic Museum to join forces and lead the development of the global art collectible industry.

At 12 o’clock at noon, under the witness of many guests, the Master Numismatic Museum held a ribbon-cutting ceremony. Afterwards, all guests entered the museum to visit and listen to expert explanations. The Master Numismatic Museum brings together the numismatic treasures of the Chinese nation from various periods, from ancient shell coins and copper coins to modern gold and silver coins and banknotes, showing the monetary forms and cultural connotations of different historical periods.

Mr. Hu Jing introduced the development history of coins and coins in different periods

Guests visit the museum site

Group photo of the guests

When talking about the future of the museum, CMNSS Group CEO Eugene Xiao said: CMNSS is the abbreviation of Collectible Management Network Service and System, which includes the Master Art Center, CollectOcean Cultural Collection Trading Center and Yihao International Club, CMNSS is committed to opening the door of the world with collection. Create the world’s most influential comprehensive service platform for cultural collections. In the future, CMNSS Group plans to build chain museums around the world, build a web3.0 metaverse ecology, and build a top international rich club to achieve multi-party convergence and wealth multiplication. 

On the occasion of Singapore’s National Day, the official opening of the Master Numismatic Museum made all participants feel the power of art collecting, which not only means that the traditional collecting industry embraces the Web 3.0 track, but also demonstrates the great potential of combining technology and culture. We believe that in the future, with the continuous development of Web 3.0 technology and the deep integration of offline museums, the collection industry will usher in a better tomorrow. Inherit culture, achieve you and me!

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Inherit culture, achieve you and me!

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