Guo Shaogang

Professor Guo Shaogang has been engaged in art for nearly 90 years for more than 70 years, and after more than 60 years of art education, he loves life and devotes himself wholeheartedly to the cause of art education; he adheres to the road of realistic art and clearly advocates the concept that “drawing is the foundation of all plastic arts”. In many years of teaching, scholars are strictly required to lay a good foundation, and a large number of accomplished artists have been cultivated and well-known at home and abroad. Guo Lao’s depiction of the truth, goodness and beauty of life, the spirit of praising nature, whether it is ordinary mountain scenery or the vast and turbulent sea, flowers and trees in the fields, flowers in vases, can show the beauty of all aspects, depicting vivid and attractive pictures. Each work may seem simple, but it will have a striking meaning when viewed from afar. The 101 works selected in this exhibition catalogue show Guo Lao’s artistic depiction, which is reserved for viewers to appreciate and evaluate.


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