Zhang Xiaoyou

Contemporary Zhang Zheduan
The sole inheritor of contemporary painting
The first generation of leaders and masters, the imperial painters
Professor at Tsinghua Academy of Fine Arts
Qingming Shanghe Tu authoritative expert
Together with Wu Guanzhong, he is the founder of modern Chinese art education

1 9 3 5 Born in Shanghai, ancestral home in Ningbo, Zhejiang, 1 9 5 4 Admitted to the Central Academy of Fine Arts to specialize in oil painting, became the first batch of students, and also studied Chinese painting, once studied by the famous teacher Wu Zuoren, Dong Xiwen, Wang Shikuo, Maksimov (a Soviet expert), Li Hu and others personally taught and taught, and was also taught by famous Chinese painting teachers such as Li Keran, Jiang Zhaohe, etc., and since October 1959 he has been teaching at the Central Academy of Arts and Crafts, becoming a teacher of modern Chinese art
The founder and first practitioners of the education system!
During his studies, he became a special correspondent for People’s Daily, China Youth Daily, and Beijing Youth Daily, creating illustration reports, comic strips and illustrations for the People’s Art Publishing House, and oil paintings for the History Museum of the Chinese Revolution. Therefore, his works such as “Nanxiang Old Dream” have been widely circulated at home and abroad, and his masterpieces “Auxiliary Building Night Market” and “Boat
Bridge Night Market”, “Jianglou Night Moon”, “Wuyuan Palace View Map”, “River Immortal Song” and other important domestic media key reports, praised as “shocking works” His long volume “Genghis Khan’s Conquest Cause Scroll” and “The Legend of Shakyamuni” and other seven or eight kinds of paintings are collected in an art museum in Japan.


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