Huang Jiannan

Guangdong, the hometown of Huang Jiannan, measured the distance from Heyuan in Guangdong to Suihua in Heilongjiang with his feet. After nine years, he traveled 38,000 kilometers and crossed 10 cities from south to north, completing a one-man long march. His courage, tenacity and talent, as well as his journey through hardships, forged his artistic backbone.
For Huang Jiannan, this land of China has infinite enthusiasm and deep attachment. He once wrote: “Through sketching, we can experience life with our hearts, integrate the experience and feelings of the heart into our works, and create vivid, touching, and living landscape sketches.”
Product〞. As a result, his works have also reached the realm of aesthetic thought of scene integration and the unity of heaven and man.
The Western painting language, the ideological connotation of Chinese landscapes, and the extraordinary imagination created Huang Jiannan’s “landscape oil paintings”
Unique style. What he depicts is a scene of fantasy, a light of imagination. “The perfect fusion of oil painting art style and Chinese painting painting technique”, this is the famous Chinese painting master Mr. Guan Shanyue, commented on Huang Jiannan’s work forty years ago. He has also insisted on this “fusion” technique
France has matured for decades, and has also been highly recognized and praised internationally. He is the Huang Jiannan of the world, the Huang Jiannan of China, and the Huang Jiannan of Guangdong!


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